Thursday, 5 January 2017

Why Blog? Why EVERY business needs a blog - Including YOU!

This is the subject I am most passionate about. Blogs - Short for WebLog are everywhere. Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the last 20 years you’ll all have come across blogs of one kind or another.
I started my first blog in 2006 and now have about 30! 

Lately, blogs seem to be talked about everywhere.
There’s Fashion bloggers, Make-up blogger, Cookery Bloggers, Book bloggers, Travel bloggers…. In fact there’s a blog for everything under the sun and if you think that you don’t have a blog already, you’d be mistaken. Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook are forms of blogs.

Every industry is using blogs! From major retailers to micro businesses, Newspapers to the emergency services, large corporate businesses to hobbyists… and there’s a very good reason for this!


Drive traffic to your website
Get you noticed
Increase your ranking with Google Search
Help you find and connect with other like minded folk
Make it easy for people to find you
Increase your visibility on the net
Increase your sales
Help you share information across other platforms
They are simple to use
You can turn your blog into a website by simply buying a custom domain! (MORE ABOUT THIS LATER)
Best of all….. THEY ARE FREE!

What do I blog about?

Anything and everything your perfect clients would like to hear.
Use it as your on-line diary
About your products.
About your services.
New products.
Product launches.
The trials and tribulations of running your own business.
What started you working for yourself.
Where it has or is taking you
Where you will be available for people to see/buy your work… Craft Fairs, Markets etc.
Your experience of making your latest piece of work.
Where you have just been on holiday….. yes EVEN THIS!
The difficulties of being a working mum.

A blog differs from a website in that websites are pretty static and lack personality.
The point of a blog is for people to get to know YOU, the person behind the making.
What makes you tick.
What floats your boat,
What interests, hobbies, values do you have?

If you write the write stuff, the customers that connect with you and really ‘get you’ will follow you and come back for more.

I could go on…. However I’m trying to limit the number of words in the posts so I don’t overwhelm you J

Do you have a blog?
Why do you blog?

5 Great Reasons to Blog with Blogger?

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Warm wishes & Happy Crafting,
Sue x

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  1. That is all well and good but it is really hard to get motivated! Surely people do not want to hear my ramblings about this design or that organisation! It is difficult to know where to start as I'm not usually all that talkative! Wish me luck anyway as I will go over and write something on my facebook page now, you are right and what have I got to lose!


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